Our portfolio of Whole Algae Ingredients are made from a native algae strain, which means the algae comes from its RAW state and has not been engineered in any way. The strain of golden chlorella was discovered in freshwater in the Netherlands, is yellow in color and naturally converts sugars into oils and proteins. As the leading algae ingredient manufacturers, we use a standard industrial fermentation process to grow algae, and after fermentation the ingredients are washed, dried and milled into a soft, fine powder. The production our single-cell algae ingredients do not use genetic engineering and the final product does not contain genetically modified organisms.

  • 10+ Years of research and development.
  • 100+ Expert scientists and food scientists.
  • 10,000+ Strains of algae painstakingly studied.

Understanding Our Fermentation Process

We take simple sugars, add them to our algae in steel fermentation tanks and let the innovation give way to delicious food without compromise.

  • Step One

    Simple Sugar Inputs

    Sugar and other nutrients are fed to the specific algae that will produce the whole food ingredient your product requires. Sugar sources can include:

    Sugar Beets
    Sugar Cane
  • Step Two

    Standard Fermentation

    Offering control, purity and consistency.

    algae cell filled with oil
  • Step Three

    Familiar Ingredients

    Whole food ingredients can be used in a variety of healthier, high performing applications.

    Other Ingredients

The Result?

Better products from a new, pure ingredient source.

Results of using AlgaVia ingredients Results of using AlgaVia ingredients Results of using AlgaVia ingredients